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Anne L. Thurston
County Assessor


25 W. Polk Street
Room 205
Shelbyville, IN 46176

Real Property:  317.392.6305
Personal Property: 317.392.6305
Fax: 317.421.8419


Monday - Thursday
7 AM - 5 PM

 Shelby County Assessor
The primary function of the County Assessor's Office are;
  1. Assessment of Real Property for all of the townships in Shelby County
  2. Real Estate and Personal Property Appeals
  3. Calculate Inheritance Tax
  4. Non-taxable exemptions
  5. Appeals
  6. Assessment of All Farmers and business Personal Property - All forms to be mailed to the County Assessor
  7. Assessment of all mobile homes
For those search for property information please utilize link to our Shelby County GIS Mapping system.