Shelby County Local Emergency Planning Committee
Address:                                      c/o Shelby County Plan Commission
                                                   25 W. Polk St, Room 201, Shelbyville, IN 46176
Email:                                          lepc@co.shelby.in.us___________
Chairperson:                                Tom Debaun__________________
Vice Chairperson:                        Maj. Louie Koch_____________
Recording Secretary:                   George Horning_______________
Information Coordinators:            Capt. Doug Lutes, Shelbyville FD_

Planning Coordinator:                  Mike Schantz________________
Community Emergency Coordinator:  Mike Schantz_________________
Document Location (Tier II):        Shelby County Plan Commission,
                                                     25 W. Polk St., Room 201
                                                     Shelbyville, IN 46176
Telephone/Fax Numbers:
24-hour Emergency:          9-1-1 / (317) 398-6661__________
          Administrative Number:     (317) 392-6406________________
          Fax:                                    (317) 421-8365________________
A.       Local/State Gov't
Thomas D. DeBaun – Mayor, City of Shelbyville
Chris Ross – Shelby County Commissioner
B.       Law Enforcement
Dennis Parks – Shelby County Sheriff
Louie Koch – Major, Shelby County Sheriff Department
Roger Clark – Captain, Shelby County Sheriff Department
                          Mark Weidner – Deputy Chief, Shelbyville Police Department
C.       Emergency Management
Mike Schantz – Emergency Management Agency Director
D.       Fire Fighting
Tony Logan – Chief, Shelbyville Fire Department
Doug Lutes, Captain, Shelbyville Fire Department
Scott Earl, Fairland Volunteer Fire Department
E.       Emergency Medical Services
Tom Laughlin – EMS Division Chief, Shelbyville Fire Department
F.    Health  
   Robert Lewis – Shelby County Health Department, Manager
   George Horning – Shelby County Health Department, LPHC, EHS
G.      Environmental
Brad Fix – Shelbyville Waste Water Treatment Facility
Derrick Byers – Shelbyville MS4 Operator
H.       Transportation
Jennifer Jones – Shelbyville Street Department
Kem Anderson – Shelby County Highway Department
I.          Broadcast/Print Media
Paul Gable – The Shelbyville News
Tyson Conrady – Radio Station WSVX
J.        Industry
Jamie Cain – Knauf Insulation
Lynn Funk – Ryobi Die Casting, Inc.
K.       Community Groups
Lt. Steve DeLacy – Salvation Army
Lynne Ensminger – Blue River Foundation
Jane Crady - Catholic Charities
L.        Hospital
Jeff Williams – VP Facility Operations, Major Health Partners
Valerie Miller – Emergency Department Manager, Major Health Partners