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What is a VPN?
A VPN means virtual private network. When one is activated, your data and online activity is shielded from third party trackers by connecting you to a private server before it connects to the server of the website you are visiting. You are given a temporary IP address, and your real, permanent IP address is hidden. This protects your online privacy and security, especially when you are connected to public wifi.

Why can I not take a speed test with cellular data or a hotspot?
Using cellular data or a hotspot to conduct test yields inaccurate speed results due to high speed data caps. When maximum bandwidth is faster than your connection hardware, this will automatically produce inaccurate results.

There are different speed tests, which one should I take?
You can take an internet speed test anytime you want, but there are different purposes to choose one speed test platform over another. Your internet service provider (ISP) may offer one of their own. There was a speed test sponsored by Indiana Farm Bureau in the past, but the current speed test platform Indiana residents should use is through

What happened to the old speed test platform with Indiana Farm Bureau?
While the INFB Strategic Broadband Partnership was a great success, the Indiana Broadband Office will be using from now because that platform offers the ability to collect more precise data than the previous software. This will help the IBO have stronger data for dispersing broadband dollars and monitoring progress.

What is BEAD?
BEAD stands for Broadband Equity Access and Deployment. It is a $42.45 Billion dollar program the federal government is using to fund planning, infrastructure, deployment and internet adoption programs in order to expand high-speed internet in all 50 states plus Washington, D.C., our commonwealths and territories. Indiana was awarded $868 million in BEAD funds to ensure that every Indiana resident has access to high-speed, reliable, affordable broadband access. The Indiana Broadband Office is working to determine how these dollars will be spent.

What does “unserved” and “underserved” mean?
“Unserved” refers to any location without access to internet which provides the federally required minimum speed of at least 25mbps download and 3mbps upload. This definition also applies to any areas where the only type of internet service available is satellite. “Underserved” refers to any location without access to internet speeds of at least 100mbps download and 20 mbps upload.