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Broadband Ready Communities Program

The Broadband Ready Communities Program was created by the State to encourage broadband development in Indiana. The program was established by IC 5-28-28.5.

What it means to be Broadband Ready

Being a Broadband Ready Community means that our community has taken steps to create more broadband infrastructure investment. This designation doesn’t necessarily guarantee that Shelby County will receive investment proposals. However, it does send a signal to area broadband partners and telecommunication providers that our county is open to discussions for new ideas on how to improve internet connectivity in order to bring reliable and affordable broadband to every county resident who desires it.

In November of 2021, Shelby County’s county commissioners passed the ordinance necessary to qualify for Broadband Ready Certification. Since then, the Shelby County Broadband Taskforce was established for the benefit of county residents, businesses, and organizations towards improving broadband connectivity and digital inclusion. In August of 2022 Shelby County was officially certified as a Broadband Ready Community.

This certification, along with the coordinated efforts of the taskforce, elected officials, and residents can help ensure that Shelby County does not get left behind as the rest of Indiana progresses in broadband connectivity.

Internet service providers who want to get in touch with the County regarding future broadband partnerships should refer to the contact information below.

Linda Sanders

Shelby County Digital Ambassador and City Council
Phone:  317-398-6624
Mail: 44 W Washington St
Shelbyville, IN 46176

Reneisha Rudder

SIRPC Economic Resiliency Coordinator, Digital Inclusion
Phone:  812-689-5505