Official Website of Shelby County Indiana Government



1. Directions to the Courthouse

The courthouse is located in downtown Shelbyville, Indiana, at 407 South Harrison Street.


2. Parking

Parking is available in back of the courthouse and along side streets.  Parking is limited, however.


3. Public Transportation

Public transportation is not available in Shelbyville.


4. Compensation

Jurors will be compensated for their service.  Currently, the rate for jury service is $15.00 per day (or any portion thereof) as a prospective juror; if you are selected, the rate of compensation is $40.00 per day (or any portion thereof).  Mileage is paid at .53.5 cents per mile.


5. Attire

Dress appropriately for being in a courtroom.  Business attire is appropriate, as is casual business attire.  Sweaters, slacks, shirts, blouses or sports shirts are acceptable.  Do not report in muscle shirts, shorts, or in any attire which is inappropriate for the courtroom.  Hats are not permitted in the courtroom.


6. Meals

Meals are not provided except during the deliberation process.


7. Auxiliary Aids & Services

If you are in need of special assistance, hearing assistance devices or have special needs, please advise the Bailiff at your earliest opportunity.


8. Juror Safety and Privacy

Your personal information contained in your written responses to the Juror Qualification Form will not be released to persons other than the parties and their counsel.  Your Qualification Forms will remain confidential, consistent with their intended use and consistent with the constitutional and statutory rights of the parties.


9. Introduction to the Case

Once the prospective jurors are seated, the Judge will provide you with an introduction of the proceedings.  You will be:

Introduced to the participants

Informed as to the nature of the case

Informed as to the applicable standard or burden of proof

Informed as to the presumption of innocence in a criminal case

Informed as to the appropriate means by which jurors may address their private concerns

Informed as to the appropriate standard of juror conduct

Informed as to the anticipated course of the proceedings

Informed as to the rules regarding challenges to prospective jurors

Informed as to the number of jurors that will be selected for the particular case

Informed as to the anticipated length of the proceedings.