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To obtain a marriage license at our office as a Shelby County resident, the following is required:

1. Both parties must appear.
2. At least (1) applicant must be a resident of Shelby County.
3. Both must be at least (18) years or older. If either applicant is (17) years or younger, will need an order from a juvenile judge granting permission to be married.
4. You must be getting married within (60) days of the license being issued.
5. Present a valid photo I.D. (Ex: Drivers License, I.D. Card).
6. Effective July 1,2021 marriage license are $25.00 cash

If you are a non-resident of Indiana, you may obtain a marriage license from our office ONLY if you will be married in Shelby County. You will need to meet all the requirements listed above. However, the fee for a non-resident marriage license is $65.00.

You will be asked questions regarding your mother and father (full name, address, state of birth). You will also be asked about any previous marriages. Please make sure you know the date your last marriage ended, whether in annulment, death or divorce.

Please note that when applying for a marriage license in the Clerk’s Office, this process must be started prior to 3:30p.m. Our office encourages the applicants to go online and start the marriage application process. This will reduce the amount of time for the applicants and our staff to finalize the application.