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Juvenile Programs Case Manager
Taylor Short
(317) 421-8137

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Over the Phone: 1-(888) 604-7888
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SCCC Juvenile Prevention Program

Launched in 2022, this program provides funding for at-risk youth to participate in extracurricular activities or receive assistance with transportation obstacles. For more information, contact Taylor Short at 317-421-8137 or

Juvenile Program Costs & Fees:
Shelby County Community Corrections Juvenile Program List, Criteria, and Associated Fees

Program Criteria & Description Fees & Associated Costs
Juvenile Assessment and Guidance (JAG)

JAG – Program Rules

Botvin Lifeskills Referral Form

Why Try Program Referral

  • Case management component, weekly meetings, and daily curfew call-ins
  • Additional Treatment and counseling based upon IYAS results and case manager recommendations
  • Court-ordered based upon Probation recommendation
  • Why Try and Botvin Lifeskills are offered
  • $50   Administration Fee
  • $100 JAG fee
  • $20   Drug screen fees
  • $7     Electronic Monitoring fee, when applicable
Juvenile Home Detention

Home Detention Rules

  • Court-ordered program for pre-adjudicated, post-adjudicated, or currently supervised juveniles
  • GPS monitoring
  • Case management component and contact standards based upon IYAS risk level and length of time on program
  • $50 Administration fee
  • $7   Daily fee
  • $20 Drug screen fees
Juvenile Re-entry

Re-entry Program

  • Court-ordered re-entry program for juveniles who have been placed in detention or extended placement
  • Program guidelines and contact standards based upon strength-based assessment results
  • $25 Administration fee
Restorative Justice

Restorative Justice Reparation Agreement

  • Initiated as a pre-court diversion, after adjudication, or as a reintegration ceremony upon placement release
  • Facilitator-led conference with victims, offenders, and supporters
  • Designed to repair harm and damage and assess the need for reparations, while keeping the juvenile out of the court system
  • $25 Administration fee
Community Service-Learning Project

Community Service Learning Project ( Click for Sign-Up Sheet)

  • Staff monitored projects lasting ½ to 1 full day
  • Coordinated with local non-profit and government agencies
  • Designed to create educational opportunities combined civic awareness and community participation
  • $50 One-time fee


*Indiana Youth Risk Assessment System (IYAS) is utilized for every incoming participant, as applicable, and scores are then used to determine risk, need, and responsivity factors for each.