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The Community Service-Learning project is a program provided through Shelby County Community Corrections juvenile division. This program targets youth who have been or are on the verge of entering the criminal justice system. The goals is to create a sense of awareness and provide learning opportunities throughout the community of non-profit and governmental agencies that bring about meaningful, restorative dimensions that increase the potential to raise civic awareness among juvenile offenders. Service learning is a teaching strategy that links skills and knowledge learned to issues and needs within the local community. Service learning also builds critical thinking and problem-solving skills while developing relationships with people outside of the normal juvenile peer group. This program is designed to create community pride and build a deeper understanding of the causes and effects of community problems to gain a sense of their own effectiveness and recognize the need for involvement.

Duration: Once monthly

Length: Projects will vary from ½ day to a full day

Location: Shelby County

Cost: $50

Contact: Brittany Fannin 

Community Service Learning Project ( Click for Sign-Up Sheet)

Juvenile Program Costs & Fees:

Shelby County Community Corrections Juvenile Program List, Criteria, and Associated Fees

Program Criteria & Description Fees & Associated Costs
Juvenile Assessment and Guidance (JAG) §   Case management component, weekly meetings, and daily curfew call-ins

§   Additional Treatment and counseling based upon IYAS results and case manager recommendations

§   Court-ordered based upon Probation recommendation

$50   Administration Fee

$100 JAG fee

$20   Drug screen fees

$7     Electronic Monitoring fee, when applicable

Juvenile Home Detention §   Court-ordered program for pre-adjudicated, post-adjudicated, or currently supervised juveniles

§   GPS monitoring

§   Case management component and contact standards based upon IYAS risk level and length of time on program

$50 Administration fee

$7   Daily fee

$20 Drug screen fees

Juvenile Re-entry §   Court-ordered re-entry program for juveniles who have been placed in detention or extended placement

§   Program guidelines and contact standards based upon strength-based assessment results

$25 Administration fee
Restorative Justice §   Initiated as a pre-court diversion, after adjudication, or as a reintegration ceremony upon placement release

§   Facilitator-led conference with victims, offenders, and supporters

§   Designed to repair harm and damage and assess the need for reparations, while keeping the juvenile out of the court system

$25 Administration fee
Community Service-Learning Project §   Staff monitored projects lasting ½ to 1 full day

§   Coordinated with local non-profit and government agencies

§   Designed to create educational opportunities combined civic awareness and community participation

$50 One-time fee


*Indiana Youth Risk Assessment System (IYAS) is utilized for every incoming participant, as applicable, and scores are then used to determine risk, need, and responsivity factors for each.