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1-(888) 604-7888

Use Location Code: 7686

If you have been sentenced to Community Corrections and are signing-up for Home Detention, Adult Day Reporting, Recovery Support Program, or Pre-trial Home Detention, click the link below to get the process started:

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Info for Participants
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Additional Info & Reminders:

  • Weekly schedules are due every Thursday by 11:59 pm.
  • Do not contact dispatch for any home detention specific issues. Call the House Arrest Voicemail: (317) 421-8143 and WAIT for a response.
  • If the House Arrest Voicemail is not working, call the backup line at: (317) 741-0021. Only call the backup line if the House Arrest Voicemail is not working.
  • If you have a question about your supervision, consult your intake packet before calling the office.
  • Activities approved for Special Event Requests are limited. If you receive a denial for your request you may appeal to the Judge assigned to your case. Community Corrections will not assist you with this appeal.
Community Corrections & Probation Programs
Day Time Location Class Instructor
Monday 4p-5p SCCC Why Try Taylor Short
11a-2p SCCC I.O.P. Shana Howard
5:30p-8:30p SCCC I.O.P. Shana Howard
Tuesday 9a-10:30a Probation MRT Robert Brown
3p-8p SCCC SOMP Ken Dickens
5:30p-7:00p Probation MRT Robert Brown
Wednesday 5:30p-8:30p SCCC I.O.P. Shana Howard
11a-2-p SCCC I.O.P. Shana Howard
Thursday 5:30p-8:30p SCCC I.O.P. Shana Howard
11a-2-p SCCC I.O.P. Shana Howard
6p-7:30p Probation MRT Robert Brown
Saturday 8a-9a SCCC Substance Abuse Counseling Ron Smith
9a-10:30a SCCC Batters’ Intervention Program Ron Smith
10a-12p Probation Moving On Scarlett Tinsley-Price