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Indiana Connectivity Program

What is the ICP?
The Indiana Connectivity Program is designed to assist in the expense of extending broadband to Indiana residents and businesses without broadband internet. Find more information here: OCRA: Indiana Connectivity Program

Who is eligible?
Residents and business owners in unserved or underserved areas (access to actual speeds less than 25Mbps download and 3Mbps upload). Up to $4800 will be allocated for individual houses/businesses and $25,000 for a line serving a group of residents or businesses.

How it works
Residents and business owners in unserved or underserved can enter their information into the Next Level Connections portal to initiate their interest in receiving broadband internet service. Internet Service Providers will have the opportunity to review these locations and submit bids to the state on the cost of providing service to these locations. OCRA will evaluate these bids and make awards to the providers whose bid presents the lowest cost per Mbps to the state for extension of the service.

If I submit my address, does it mean I will get internet?
Unfortunately, entering the address of your home or business does not guarantee that your location will be bid on to provide service. If a bid is awarded, please know that it could still be months or longer before a line is extended to provide internet service to you.