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Indiana Speed Test

We need your help! In order to give us the best chance for future broadband funding, we need data that reflects where the actual gaps in broadband connectivity are in our county. One major way to accomplish this is for residents to conduct internet speed tests.

What is an internet speed test?
It is a test that measures how fast data can be downloaded and uploaded with the internet connection on your device.

Why should we take speed tests? Is this important?
YES! There are multiple federal and state broadband funding programs for which having speed test data collected is extremely helpful. The more speed tests that are conducted in our region, the easier it makes it to get more money for broadband investment in our region later on. This means taking internet speed tests today could make the difference in how long your community remains unserved or underserved for internet connections! The data provided will help “decision-makers make investments with the greatest impact.”

How do I take a speed test?
You can take a speed test by going to this link:

You will be asked to fill out your address so it can map where you are taking the test from. Don’t worry, no personal identifying information will be asked, tracking cookies are not used, and your address will not be stored in a data bank. Your location and test results, however, will be stored for the purpose of the speed test so please be sure to turn off your VPN if you are using one. Make sure the address you are entering is the location where you are actually taking the speed test.

To provide more accurate data about your speed test, you will be asked to complete a few survey responses while the speed test is running. You also have the option to take the full survey if you like.

You should conduct speed tests at least once per week on multiple types of devices. Taking a speed test on a computer that is connected to your router via ethernet cable yields the most accurate and optimal results. But you can take them on your laptops/ tablets with wifi and **mobile devices too.

**IMPORTANT! If you are using a mobile device to conduct a speed test, please make sure you turn off your cellular data first and be connected via wifi. Taking the test using cellular data will not yield accurate results for the speed test as this is to measure broadband speeds in your area, not cellular data speeds.

You will be asked other (optional) questions about your internet usage and subscription while the speed test is running.

What if I don’t have internet at my location to take a speed test?
If you are in a location without internet, whether it’s a home or somewhere public, text ‘Internet’ to 463-946-4699.

Additional info
The Indiana Broadband Office has officially transitioned from the old internet testing platform to this one with more features. After you conduct your speed test(s), you can also view extra data about served/underserved/unserved areas across the state by clicking, “View Data by County/City” at the top right hand side of the page.