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Shelby County LLEPC Meeting Schedule Update as of 5/22/2020

I had asked for guidance from the state on what we needed to do to meet their requirements for
funding for 2021 and that came this morning in the email that follows.

Based on this information and talking to EMA Director Ryan Hansome and Fire Chief Tony Logan, I
am cancelling the second and third quarter scheduled meetings for the Shelby County LEPC unless
some unforeseen need arises between now and the first of October.

We will hopefully still be able to hold our scheduled October 13th meeting. At that meeting we will
need to approve our annual plan, which should give us plenty of time to have it ready.

We did not have a chance to schedule an exercise of any kind prior to the COVID-19 crisis and based
on the state’s statement below we will not need to schedule or hold an exercise for the LEPC for this
year although, as Chief Logan pointed out, what our first responders have been through so far certainly
could be considered as qualifying for an actual response even though it was not haz mat related.

We are up to date on all the other statutory requirements to qualify for IERC funding for 2021 as
far as I can tell.

If something comes up that is LEPC related, do not hesitate to reach out to me.