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MADD Victim Impact Panel

Shelby County Probation has partnered with MADD to have Victim Impact Panels. The panel is a presentation given by a victim of a drunk or driving offense. Some victims may have been injured in a crash or they may have lost someone to a crash. The goal of the panel is for drunk, drugged, and impaired drivers to learn the lasting impact of their choice to drive under the influence and to prevent future driving under the influence offenses.


MADD Victim Impact Panel Dates

Effective April 1, 2022, we have suspended in-person Victim Impact Panels. You will now be completing your MADD Victim Impact Panel online at  You will pay $65 when you register and you will need your cause number. To complete this online, you will also need a webcam.

MADD VIP Info Sheet Updated 4-13-22