Official Website of Shelby County Indiana Government

Terri Bodine, Chief Probation Officer 

Jeramiah McAdams, Assistant Chief/Juvenile Probation Officer 

Abby McFarland, Adult Probation Officer Circuit Court, Transfers 

Alison Everhart, Juvenile Probation Officer 

Amy Baker, Adult Probation Officer Low Risk 

Angie Cooper, Adult Probation Officer Superior Court 1 

Barry Ostrom, Peer Recovery Coach

Chris Hurst, Office Manager

Deanna Holder, Probation Officer Low Risk & Sex Offenders 

Haley Cox, Shared Field Officer

Jeremiah Welder, Peer Recovery Coach and MRT Instructor

Jodi Ingle, ADA Secretary 

Keegan Ridgway, Probation Officer Superior 2 

Mark Tackett, Probation Officer Low Risk 

Melissa Gharst, Programs Director & ADA Coordinator 

Michael McKenney, Probation Officer Superior 2 

Nicole Alvis, PSI Writer

Robert Brown, MRT Instructor 

Scarlett Price, Moving On Instructor

Stephanie McClure, Bilingual Probation Officer & Circuit Court 

Tammy Richart, Intake Coordinator

Teresa Higdon, Receptionist