Official Website of Shelby County Indiana Government

Jeramiah McAdams, Assistant Chief/Juvenile Probation Officer 

Abby McFarland, Adult Probation Officer Circuit Court, Transfers 

Alison Everhart, Juvenile Probation Officer 

Amy Baker, Adult Probation Officer Low Risk 

Angie Cooper, Adult Probation Officer Superior Court 1 

Chris Hurst, Office Manager

Deanna Holder, Adult Probation Officer Low Risk & Sex Offenders 

Haley Cox, Shared Field Officer

Jodi Ingle, ADA Secretary 

Mark Tackett, Adult Probation Officer Low Risk 

Melissa Gharst, Programs Director & ADA Coordinator 

Michael McKenney, Adult Probation Officer Superior 2 

Nicole Alvis, PSI Writer

Robert Brown, MRT Instructor 

Scarlett Price, Moving On Instructor

Stephanie McClure, Bilingual Probation Officer, Superior Court 2, and Recovery Support Program 

Tammy Richart, Intake Coordinator

Teresa Higdon, Receptionist