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Drug Screen Report Times & Submission Policy 


If you are required to submit to a drug screen, you will go to the Probation Office between 8AM-11AM or 1PM-3 PM. If you report after 3:00 PM, this may be a violation of your Probation and considered a missed drug screen.

Our policy allows you to have two (2) attempts to submit to a drug screen within one (1) hour. Failure to submit may result in a violation of your probation and considered a missed drug screen. Be ready to submit a sample when you arrive!

All drug screens are observed, meaning someone will go in with you to the bathroom to submit. If you are caught attempting to dilute or alter your drug screen, this may result in probation violation and new charges (which includes a 15 day probation hold if you are taken to jail).


Drug Screen Hotline Information

If you  call the drug screen hotline daily, you must call between 5AM and 1:59 PM. If you call too early or too late, it will not  tell you if you test or not.

The drug screen hotline number is  317-642-3130. You will need your ID number that was given to you by your Probation officer. If you have lost your ID number please contact your Probation Officer. The hotline will tell you “you are required to test today” or “do not test today”.

You may also check  online at using the 317-642-3130 number and your ID number.