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Special Notices

If you were ordered to appear in SHELBY SUPERIOR COURT 2 for jury duty on July 22, 2024 at 1:30 pm, you may disregard the Order to Appear.  This only applies to jurors ordered to appear at that date, place, and time.

General Information




Shelby Superior Court 2 has resumed in person hearings for the litigants and their attorneys.   If the courtroom isn’t too crowded, family members may accompany litigants and sit in the back of the courtroom.  However, family members and friends are encouraged to watch the proceedings remotely on the court’s livestream website.

If for health reasons you believe it would be best for you to attend remotely, you may request to appear remotely by Zoom.  The request shall be filed not less than 2 workdays before your hearing.  The court will consider and rule upon your request.  Click here for information on remote hearings. 

All parties and witnesses to any remote hearing should familiarize themselves with the Courts Zoom Procedures prior to a remote hearing.  SHELBY SUPERIOR COURT 2 REMOTE HEARING PROCEDURES. You can find information about your case by visiting http:\\  You can also see the Court’s calendar online as well.

All parties to a case must sign in complete either a Criminal Defendant Party Information Sheet if you are appearing in a criminal case or an Civil Party Information Sheet in a civil case.  Appearance forms are also located outside the courtroom along with disposable pencils.  You may keep the pencil as a parting gift.

Superior Court 2

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Court House
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