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Q: How do I get exhibits before the Court in a virtual hearing?
A: Label each exhibit and file them with the Court at least 2 days before the hearing. If you are a plaintiff label your exhibits with numbers. If you are a defendant label your exhibits with letters. If you have photos you should submit them on either paper or photopaper. Due to security issues, the court generally will not accept a thumbdrive for photos. Let the court know if you want any exhibits back. You must also give a copy of your proposed exhibits to the opposing party.

Q: I want to file a motion, what kind of form do I use?
A:  The court cannot provide legal advice.  However, the Indiana Supreme Court has a self help form library online which you may find useful.  The link can
be found here:

Q: I have my small claims judgment, but now they won’t pay.  What can I do?
A:  You may file a proceedings supplemental.  See the small claims manual for additional information which can be found at